A Tale Of Customer Service Woe

My sister purchased a refurbished Nintendo Wii from Gamestop a few weeks ago, and yesterday I went to her place to help her set it up. Upon opening the box, we discovered the system was missing an AV cable! We drove back to the original GameStop, told the, what happened, and they were very helpful. They gave us a new AV Component at no charge and we were on our way. 

Back at her home, I hooked the system up and turned it on. When the home screen came on, I noticed that the picture was in black and white. Unaware of why this could be, I went into the Wii settings and changed the screen resolution, resulting in a blurry/jumpy screen nightmare. I tried to change it back, but alas, I couldn’t navigate the screen due to its hyperactivity. I went to Google how to fix it, and all the results were either “hook it to an HDTV” or “Try to navigate the screens without being able to see them”. The nearest accessible HDTV was in my apartment over a half hour away, and I thought that the combined hour plus worth of driving should be a last resort. 

I thought for sure there was a manual reset for the screen res, as there is on my PS3. Since we had just turned the Wii on hours before, I thought maybe we could just do a manual system restore, but that is also not possible. How do I know that? Google told me so, as well as the not so helpful Nintendo customer service rep, who told me as much. I explained that I couldn’t navigate the screen, and he told me to go into Wii settings. I mentioned to him that I can’t open Wii settings if I can’t see anything on the screen, as previously mentioned by me during my opening remarks. His response was essentially to try another TV or I can’t help you. Thanks, Nintendo. 

More Google resulted in a solution to my first problem, the black and white screen. Apparently the Component cables aren’t fully compatible with older TVs, so back we went to GameStop for a different cable. After the previous store manager at GameStop had to pull from his own inventory then explain to his superiors why he had to, I didn’t want to trouble him further. I should have been more specific in the first place, so we drove to a closer GameStop to ask for a Composite cable. They had one, and I purchased it after explaining my situation to the gentlemen there. His response was ‘Try Google, and if it doesn’t work, call Nintendo”. I explained to him that Nintendo Customer Service was surprised by my problem, and offered no acceptable solution, so I’ll stick with Google and GameStop from now on. 

Hookup attempt number 3 was a success! The new cable worked like a charm, and all was well in WiiVille. I got my sister all connected, and set her up to start playing. When we started the first game, a message came up to connect the nunchuck to the Wii remote in order to proceed, and guess what!? It was connected! I restarted the system, and the same message appeared! I unplugged her Nunchuck (which had been included in her original GameStop purchase) and plugged one of mine in and it worked fine! 

So, for those keeping score, here’s what we have: 

GameStop: 1 missing part, 1 broken part
Nintendo: 1 horrible customer service department
Us: Zero

What did I learn from all of this? If you’re going to buy something used, open it in the store, and make sure you know specifically what you need BEFORE driving home. Or just buy new and save the heartache.