New Music Tuesday 9.18.12

“The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind” by Ben Folds Five

For Ben Folds Fivefans, the wait is finally…

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New Music Tuesday 9.18.12

"The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind" by Ben Folds Five
“The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind” by Ben Folds Five

For Ben Folds Five fans, the wait is finally over. The trio’s first album in thirteen years, The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind, is here and it was well worth the wait. Songs like first single ‘Do It Anyway’ (below) show that despite the passing of over a decade, the band can still rock with the same exuberance that their earlier albums enjoyed. The track features Robert Sledge‘s trademark fuzzed out incredible bass work, and drummer Darren Jessee pounds out the rhythms as passionately as ever. ‘Hold That Thought’ is rich with harmony and a warm, inviting melody. Ballads ‘Sky High’ and the breathtaking “Away When You Were Here” show the bands versatility. They can rock with the best of them, but its the dynamic between the rockers and softer tunes that give this album its place next to the bands previous records. ‘Thank You For Breaking My Heart’ closes the record in expert fashion, leaving you with one of Folds’ finest ballads ever. Ben Folds Five are back, and after hearing “The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind“, you’ll feel like they never left. Pick up a copy today.

"Mirage Rock" by Band Of Horses
“Mirage Rock” by Band Of Horses

Mirage Rock is filled with inviting, well crafted rock. Band Of Horses shows a strong Americana influence on the record, especially on songs like ‘Slow Cruel Hands Of Time’ and ‘Shut-In Tourist’. The vocal work by Ben Bridwell certainly has a hand in that world, but his haunting tenor lends itself to just about any influence the band tackle. ‘Knock-Knock’ (below) kick things off with fuzzed out guitars and “woo-ooh’s” reminiscent of The Beach Boys. The bass lead in of ‘Dumpster World’ sets up a moody, cowboy-noir like shuffle that erupts into a heavy, distorted march. ‘Electric Music’ is a bright track that echos the tumble and bounce of early rock and roll but never sounds dated or well worn. Mirage Rock is the kind of record that would fit perfectly with an autumn campfire, equal parts exciting and mellow. It is certainly worth adding to your collection.

Battle Born by The Killers
Battle Born by The Killers

After a short hiatus that many expected to be the end of the band, The Killers have brought us Battle Born, a record that may arguably be the band’s finest album to date. The record is slightly darker in tone than previous efforts, but it includes all of the rock and roll bombast we’ve come to expect from Brandon Flowers and company. All of the bands previously explored influences find a comfortable home on Battle Born. ‘Flesh and Bone’ begins the record with an electro pulse that gives way to an exciting track that summarizes the sounds that we will hear later on in the disc. Single ‘Runaways’ (below) has all the shimmer and power we’ve come to expect from a Killers single, but has a magic all its own. The driving ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ grabs a hold of the listener and doesn’t relent for its near five minute run time. Electro acrobatics crescendo into an american rock pulse on ‘The Rising Tide’, a track that will draw many comparisons to other artists but its chorus is unmistakably the bands own. The track also features an exciting guitar solo, a seemingly lost art these days. I was not hotly anticipating Battle Born, but I am delighted to say that my preconceptions were wrong. This a truly fine record, one I know I’ll be spinning for a while.

Come To My (i)Pod #3

Wow, its been a minute. Well here’s what I’ve been rocking

“Lonely Avenue” by Ben Folds and Nick Hornsby
“Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys” by My
Chemical Romance
“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West
“One Love” by David Guetta

The Flash
All Things Return Of Bruce Wayne

The Walking Dead

First off, I’m so in love with the Walking Dead. What an amazing show. The first season just ended at only six episodes, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I got misty eyed in at least 4 of the episodes. The finale was spectacular, and I cannot wait for the second season next year. I will certainly be running the blu rays non-stop when they come out in march. I’m
so in love with this series, and there’s 2 reasons why that’s saying something, even though I’m a huge geek: 1. I’m not the biggest Zombie guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good zombie flick from time to time (I heart SHAUN OF THE DEAD) but that’s certainly not a draw for me. 2. I have only read one issue of the comic. I have heard nothing but amazing things from people who read the book, but I haven’t made the jump. Now I’m more hesitant than I
was before because I don’t want to watch the series comparing it to the book. I’m so in love with all the characters, and I want to keep my perceptions of them intact. Also, from what I’ve read in interviews, the series deviated from the book in a lot of big ways, and I just don’t want to be constantly judging it against the book. All that being said, OMG, if you havent seen it at all, what are you doing, go watch this amazing, amazing show. Damn walkers!

Comics wise, BRUCE WAYNE IS BACK BITCHES!!!! 🙂 I missed the big guy, and he’ back in rare form. I loved “The Return Of Bruce Wayne” and the tie ins. Grant Morrison is tops on my list right now and I love where he’s taking the Dark Knight. We’ll see how long it lasts. I get the feeling that Bat purists are gonna have issues with his choices more and more as we go, so we’ll see how much crap he takes. For now, he’s got a least one ardent supporter! On the bright(est day) side of DC, Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul’s run on The Flash has been awesome. The last 2 issues have been real head turners, and in typical Johns fashion, you get the feeling that seeds are being sewn for something major for the DCU in the future. It’s a great read for anyone who’s just starting out with the Flash, but its hardcore enough for
longtime fans.

Music wise, you can’t go wrong with the above records. My Chem is at their rockiest, and Ben Folds is melodic as ever with some lyrical help from Nick Hornsby. The surprising entry to some is “One Love” by David Guetta. That album is pure pop party perfection. You’ve certainly heard the hits from it, but there’s not a bad track on it. Kanye West takes a lot of shit
in the press because he has a big mouth, but if you can look past that, you will find that he his miles and miles ahead of everyone in the game as a rapper AND producer. MBDTF is an insanely wonderful album, and should be a contender for album of the year.

My Best Theory

So I’m stuck on jury duty today, but it turns out not o be a total loss. It gives me a chance to listen to the new releases by two of my favorite artists! “Lonely Avenue” by Ben Folds with Nick Hornby doing the lyrics, as well as “Invented” by Jimmy Eat World! Also, thank god for the netflix app for the iPhone. Gonna try to catch up on some flicks! Woo-rah!