Come To My (i)Pod #3

Wow, its been a minute. Well here’s what I’ve been rocking

“Lonely Avenue” by Ben Folds and Nick Hornsby
“Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys” by My
Chemical Romance
“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West
“One Love” by David Guetta

The Flash
All Things Return Of Bruce Wayne

The Walking Dead

First off, I’m so in love with the Walking Dead. What an amazing show. The first season just ended at only six episodes, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I got misty eyed in at least 4 of the episodes. The finale was spectacular, and I cannot wait for the second season next year. I will certainly be running the blu rays non-stop when they come out in march. I’m
so in love with this series, and there’s 2 reasons why that’s saying something, even though I’m a huge geek: 1. I’m not the biggest Zombie guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good zombie flick from time to time (I heart SHAUN OF THE DEAD) but that’s certainly not a draw for me. 2. I have only read one issue of the comic. I have heard nothing but amazing things from people who read the book, but I haven’t made the jump. Now I’m more hesitant than I
was before because I don’t want to watch the series comparing it to the book. I’m so in love with all the characters, and I want to keep my perceptions of them intact. Also, from what I’ve read in interviews, the series deviated from the book in a lot of big ways, and I just don’t want to be constantly judging it against the book. All that being said, OMG, if you havent seen it at all, what are you doing, go watch this amazing, amazing show. Damn walkers!

Comics wise, BRUCE WAYNE IS BACK BITCHES!!!! 🙂 I missed the big guy, and he’ back in rare form. I loved “The Return Of Bruce Wayne” and the tie ins. Grant Morrison is tops on my list right now and I love where he’s taking the Dark Knight. We’ll see how long it lasts. I get the feeling that Bat purists are gonna have issues with his choices more and more as we go, so we’ll see how much crap he takes. For now, he’s got a least one ardent supporter! On the bright(est day) side of DC, Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul’s run on The Flash has been awesome. The last 2 issues have been real head turners, and in typical Johns fashion, you get the feeling that seeds are being sewn for something major for the DCU in the future. It’s a great read for anyone who’s just starting out with the Flash, but its hardcore enough for
longtime fans.

Music wise, you can’t go wrong with the above records. My Chem is at their rockiest, and Ben Folds is melodic as ever with some lyrical help from Nick Hornsby. The surprising entry to some is “One Love” by David Guetta. That album is pure pop party perfection. You’ve certainly heard the hits from it, but there’s not a bad track on it. Kanye West takes a lot of shit
in the press because he has a big mouth, but if you can look past that, you will find that he his miles and miles ahead of everyone in the game as a rapper AND producer. MBDTF is an insanely wonderful album, and should be a contender for album of the year.

Come To My (i)Pod #2

Hey anyone who reads this! Here’s what I’ve been rocking this week:

“Maximum Balloon” by Maximum Balloon
“Terrible Things” by Terrible Things
“Invented” by Jimmy Eat World
“Hands All Over” by Maroon 5
“See You On The Other Side” by Mercury Rev
“Dark Is The Way, Light Is The Place” by Anberlin

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Batman: Streets Of Gotham
Green Arrow

As you can see, its been a slow week for comics and flicks. BSOG is a carry over from next week and you will probably see it for a bit as I’m catching up on it. With all the titles I read I let that one fall by the wayside for some crazy reason. I heart Paul Dini in a big way, so I can’t believe I let that fall by the wayside for so long, but its been great so far. I’m also a big fan of the Manhunter Co-Features. Its been a great series so far and I can’t wait to see how it fits in with the return of Bruce Wayne (so soon!). In keeping with the DC Comics trend, The only movie I watched this week was SUPERMAN/BATMAN: APOCALYPSE, the new release in DC’s line of direct to DVD movies. The film is based on the second arc of Jeph Loeb’s run of Superman/Batman (with art by Michael Turner) collected in the trades as “Supergirl”. This arc reintroduced the character of  Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, to the DCU. I was a big fan of the comic, so I was amped when I heard that it would be coming to the small screen. After viewing, it did not disappoint. I would rank it among my other favorite DC Animated movies, SUPERMAN/BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES and JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS.

Musically, its been a pop/rock kind of week. “Maximum Balloon” is a great record, the side project of TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek. I love TVOTR, and this disc is certainly going to keep their fans happy. Funky enough to groove on, artsy enough to satisfy even the most scowling hipster, Sitek’s first solo effort is a must grab for any TVOTR fan. It is closest to the bands last release “Dear Science” genre wise, but the comparisons stop there. This is a strong solo effort that will stand on its own. In the same funky vein, I’ve been enjoying Maroon 5’s new album “Hands All Over”. Adam Levine and co. have produced another solid pop effort, weaving seamlessly between ballad and sexy funk. If you liked their last album, though not a direct copy, it’s very similar in nature. Worth the listen.

My heavy rock moods this week were satisfied by “Terrible Things” and “Dark Is The Way, Light Is The Place”. Anberin gets back to their riff heavy roots this time around. Personally, I was not as in love with their album “New Surrender”. It seemed uneven to me, the band trying to find a balance between their hard rocking roots and a softer sound. A perfectly fine album, but it didn’t hit me as hard as their previous efforts. DITWLITP finds the band on even footing, harnessing the balance they had sought previously. If you’re not a fan or felt as I did about “New Surrender”, check out tracks ‘We Owe This To Ourselves’ and ‘Down’. You should also check out Terrible Things. A “supergroup” of sorts featuring Andy Jackson (Hot Rod circuit), Fred Mascherino (Breaking Pangaea, Taking back Sunday), and Josh Eppard (Coheed and Cambria), the trio has put together a stellar debut. Crunchy riffs, powerful choruses, and a thundering rhythm section make for a record full of dips and turns. Rock at its most pure.

Everyone should love Jimmy Eat World. They’ll rock you, make you think, and always please your ears. Of course that’s just my opinion, but I love these guys. “Invented” is a welcome addition to their catalogue, equal parts rock (“My Best Theory”, “Evidence”) and contemplative pop (“Coffee and cigarettes”, “Heart Is Hard To Find”). Also see the highs and lows of the title track, a trademark strength of the band’s.

Finally this week I’ve been really enjoying much of the catalogue of Mercury Rev, but “See You On The Other Side” has really struck me. Perhaps because it is the newest addition to my collection, but also because it’s a fascinating record. Mercury Rev have always existed between the light and the dark, the hard and soft, with each disc a new and more exciting journey than the last. Orchestral swells, heavy guitars, playful wind instruments, and great storytelling make this album a must listen. My only regret is that it took me so long to get into this band.

Well that’s it for me! Have you heard any of these records?