An Indie State Of Mind…

Here are some indie bands that I’m absolutely loving right now! Give them a look:


Fronted by the golden voiced Greta Morgan (The Hush Sound), Gold Motel is the kind of band you can fall in love with instantly. Their brand of iPod friendly head boppers make for perfect summer playlists. They just released a new self-titled record that you can read more about here, but the music in the video above should speak for itself. Older tunes are available on the groups Bandcamp page, and their new record is over at Amazon MP3,.


I was introduced to these guys by a friend of mine, and from the first listen to their EP Italian Ghosts I was hooked. Their music gives me that exciting spark of “Where has this band been all my life?” that keeps us new music seekers forever on the hunt. Elements of progressive rock, funk, jazz, and hard rock are fused together so effortlessly, you’ll forget just how improbable these riffs and tempo changes are to pull off. The best example of their stylistic brilliance can be found in the video below, where the band covers Carly Rae Jepsen‘s omnipresent “Call Me Maybe” and turns it into a Prog-Rock powerhouse. Even if you’re so sick of that song that the last sentence made you queasy, trust me on this one and give it a listen. Also embedded above is the Italian Ghosts EP from the bands’ Bandcamp page.


This is a band that knows how to craft smart, effective, piano driven power pop that hits every time. Their records are packed full of intelligent and thought provoking lyrics, hypnotic rhythms, and tremendous guitar riffs that remind the listener that The Sinister Turns can rock you as well as move you. My personal favorite tracks are embedded above, but you can’t go wrong with any of the bands work. Pick up their stuff at Bandcamp, and if you live in Massachusetts check them out live. For tour dates and other info, hit up their Facebook.


I missed this group’s new record in my last New Music Tuesday post, so I’m making up for it here. Kr-51 is packed end to end with left of center “indie” pop that will keep you guessing as well as entertained. There is more happening in each cut then a first listen would have you believe. Their songs may sound straight forward at first, but each tune includes intriguing twists or unpredictable layers that will have you hearing something new with each listen. True “indie” music is all about the freedom to explore and execute an artistic vision to its fullest, and that exactly what you get with Kr-51. You can pick up the record at Amazon or with the rest of the bands fine work at their site’s record store.


Chairlift’s Something is a fantastically varied and well produced record. The above track “I Belong In Your Arms” just makes me happy. The bands sound goes back and forth between electro and more baroque styled tunes, a shift that may sound jarring on paper, but is expertly displayed on tracks like “Frigid Spring” and “Wrong Opinion”. I really love this record, and you should pick it up if you haven’t already. The bands website has links to digital and physical retailers, so whatever your preference is, Something should be added to your collection immediately.

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