New Music Tuesday 6.19.12

There’s a lot to love in this Tuesday’s new releases, but I have to say that my personal favorites are the following:

Banks of Eden
Banks of Eden by The Flower Kings

I referenced The Flower Kings in my last post, and this week sees the release of their new record “Banks Of Eden”. If the term ‘Progressive Rock’ piques your curiosity/interest, you should definitely check out this new set from the Swedish group. I have been anticipating this disc for a while, and its everything I had hoped. Soaring guitars, thundering rhythms, and triumphant melodies. Give the tunes a preview here at amazon MP3.

Rhythm and Repose
Rhythm and Repose by Glen Hansard

If you don’t know the name Glen Hansard, it’s time for you to get on board. Hansard is a founding member of The Frames and The Swell Season, the latter of which should ring a bell as the creative force behind the musical Oscar nominated film ‘Once’. He has long been synonymous for producing the kind of at times heavy emotional folk influenced singer-songwriter gems in the vein of contemporaries Bon Iver and Damien Rice. Hansard has a sound all his own, and he is sure to please longtime enthusiasts with Rhythm and Repose. Previews available here.

Walk The Moon
Walk The Moon by Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon is currently getting a lot of well deserved buzz on the indie scene. This is a band with all the trappings of a hipster friendly crossover smash. Big synths dance to the big beats on the discs rock infused indie pop styled eleven tracks. If you’d love to hear a collaboration between MGMT and Fun., this is the closest you’ll get at this point. If tracks like “Anna Sun”, “Tightrope” and “Quesadilla” don’t make your summer BBQ soundtrack mix, you’re missing out. The record is a ton of fun and can be previewed here.

2 thoughts on “New Music Tuesday 6.19.12

  1. 1. The Flower Kings’ new album wasn’t even on my radar, thanks!
    2. I now have a new band to add to my Scandinavian Invasion playlist on Spotify
    3. Glenn & Walk the Moon were also in my top picks of the day 🙂

    1. I love The Flower Kings! The new record is a great addition to their catalog. I loved your post! You definitely had a much more comprehensive look at this week! Thanks for giving my blog a look 🙂

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