Why I’m clogging The Blog-o-sphere With My Inane Ramblings

Well hello there. I started this blog in hopes that this wildly unpopular format will finally catch on!

Yeah no that’s not why. As I stated in my about me thing that I’m not even sure is posted, I’m a guy who loves Music, Movies, Comic Books, and most of all, my lady. I have a lot of insane things going on in my life right now, all of which I’m sure will be revealed in due time. I am very passionate about the aforementioned things, as they are what keeps me sane (hence the title of the blog, I’m sure that suspense was killing you).

That out-of-the-way, I just want to get one thing straight about this blog. This is not going to be a large bitch session, about anything. back when MySpace was the rage (remember that grandpa? when that was all you had to keep your kids from using?) I used the blog portion as one large pity party, and I’m over that. So you should be largely safe from my weepy monologue. Also, this is not going to be hate blog either. A lot of internetites/people in the “legitimate” press think that hating a particular band, movie, comic book, book, human being, etc makes them cool. They start blogs or write articles spewing bile about these artists to seem witty, or important. “I’m better than Good Charlotte (that’s right grandpa, one of your pop singers! Lets grab the Victrola and jitterbug the night away to one of their dittys!) cause they suck!” they might say. The publishing of this next statement may be death on the interweb, so if i never write again know that ad covered ninja’s descended from my ceiling and eviscerated me but not before asking me if I wanted to check my credit score or a bigger penis (tough choice). Here it is universe: I don’t think I’m better than, or hate anyone. I don’t have enough room in my life to carry that kind of negativity towards people, and THAT is why i started this blog. I’ve long been sick of reading reviews of movies, only to find that I COMEPLETELY disagree with the “Top Critics”. A lot of my favorite artists albums get routinely destroyed by the press, but I don’t care. It is my opinion that anyone’s opinion should not inform your own. If you hated something, good for you, that’s your right. However, your opinion is no more valid than mine, or anyone else. The internet is a breeding ground for anynonomus hate, and im sick of it. When I talk about something on this blog, you will get an honest, fair opinion of it, and you can just about count on a positive opinion. If i saw a movie with a terrible script, horrible acting, but superb directing, that’s what I’ll write about. If I bought an album (yes bought! remember back when that as your only option for hearing new albums? The freedom to pay for music is what our children fought the Kaiser for gramps, and gosh darn it, I won’t let their sacrifices be in vain!) and the lyrics are sophomoric, but the melodies are catchy as all hell, I’ll let you know how I felt.

If this all sounds like something you want to be a part of, by all means, enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, thanks for stopping by!

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